Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tiered cakes

So this is my first attempt at a tiered cake, as well as my first attempt at homemade MM fondant, made in honor of my British friend here for her 40th birthday celebration.......

The cake consisted of a 8 inch round bottom layer made of chocolate cake filled with a layer of white chocolate ganache, fresh strawberries and raspberries, and topped with raspberry buttercream frosting. The second layer (6 inch)and top layer (4 inch) were a light orange chiffon cake filled with orange buttercream frosting.

All cakes were covered in buttercream frosting and MM fondant.

I researched all the different ways I could do a tiered cake and also had to take in to account I had to get it to the restaurant in one piece.

i used dowel rods in the bottom and second tier for support and used a long dowel rod going through all 3 tiers. And this is where the fun started. It was recommend to me that each layer should be on its own cardboard plate, so as I was pushing the dowel through the top tier the card buckled into the second tier, thus pushing it into the cake, when i noticed the middle tier was bulging, i immediately stopped. to my dismay the middle tier had a crater! Consequently I removed the plate on the 4 inch and discarded it!

Needless to say the cake still held, and arrived in one piece to the venue, and most importantly tasted and looked great! Not bad for a first attempt.

With regards to the MM fondant, it tasted really good, so i will definitely be using it again in the future! I just wish I got the knack of putting it on the cake without creases and tears! Practice makes perfect! And most of the time you can cover up the imperfections with the decorations! Shh! Don't tell anyone!

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