Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ewan's 5th Birthday - August 2009

So Ewan requested a pirate theme party, along with a pirate ship cake.......and accommodate his playmobil pirates. This cake had been planned a good few months in advance and there was a lot of cake involved.

The sails which were made ahead of time were made from fondant, the crows nest was a carved out ice cream cone. After several cones and attempts at poking a hole through the bottom to allow the dowel rod to go through, i finally cracked it! Literally! The plank, anchor and lettering was also made from fondant. The 2 ends of the boat were formed using the sports ball pan and then hand carving, then i stacked them. The dowel rods doubled up as support and masts and worked out really well!! The rocks used on the cake were also edible, i found them in a candy store in downtown Plymouth, and they were really yummy!

The entire boat sat on a 2 layer sheet cake which became the ocean and one corner an island where the treasure could be found!

The fun part for me was not having to do perfectly smooth frosting for the sea and went to town on the two toned colors and texture.

A lot of time & hard work, but me mateys loved the cake and it definitely served as good old fashioned swashbuckling grub!!!

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