Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ethan's 3rd birthday

So I finally did the lighting McQueen cake., and the red and black turned out well! It took me hours of colour mixing and piping, as well as a problem with the McQueen pan (i hate those pans) everything always sticks. Tip lots and lots of shortening! YUK! Anyway, after a second attempt of the cake, it turned out well!

The final cake was chocolate, with buttercream frosting. The car shape sat on top of a 9x13 cake that was piped in a white and black chequered flag. The car was then carefully placed on top and then i decorated that which took me the best part of half a day.

The end result though was worth it, and Ethan loved his cake! So did my eldest as well, he demolished the biggest slice of cake he has ever had! Kids, chocolate and frosting, you can't go wrong!

Well my next big job will be to finish off my Christmas cakes. I have to make the marzipan, fondant decorations and the royal icing! The smell of the brandy is soooo yummy when i unwrap the cakes to top them up with more brandy!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I live in Westland Michigan, very near you. I want to start decorating. Waiting for the meet-up group is fruitless, I've been waiting about a year and half. So, if you are interested in teaming up occasionally with a decorating newbie, in your area drop me a line at or call me. My name is Kim Thames and my phone is 734-525-1906. By the way, my big love is also architecture as well. Looking to make some new friends as well. I am single, grew up in Detroit. Look forward to hearing from you.