Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Finale Cake Wilton fondant and gumpaste course (Day 2)

Ok so I had problems with the marzipan, the taste was great the texture was wrong maybe it was because i did not add corn syrup? I made it last year and it was perfect and rolled onto my cake easily, this time it was a nightmare! I will have to think of another use for it! and try out a new recepie for christmas!

I ended up using an apricot glaze and 2 layers of fondant, boy fondant is hard to smooth over on a cake without creases! I guess practice makes perfect with this one, i can't see much call for fully covered cakes with fondant, i know most people prefer the taste of buttercream! Ithink i woudl much rather use fondant as a decorative tool instead!

I am going to be making a cake for my friend's son's 5th birthday ( a 3D transformer cake) and he has specifially requested no fondant, he only likes buttercream.........gosh kids are pickiy these days! LOL! That's a few weeks away yet, although I am already planning it!

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marcia said...

just wanted to let you know how good your cakes are. they are fab and they taste as good as they look